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Pet alpacas ‘mutilated’ in brutal Mornington Peninsula dog attack

A pair of pet alpacas were brutally mauled by dogs on the Mornington Peninsula on Sunday afternoon.

The alpacas, Juno and Lui, were attacked by a pair of dogs at a Fingal property.

Alpaca owner, Sharon Richardson, said her pets were so mutilated that they had to be euthanised.

“One of them had its bottom jaw and chin ripped off,” she told 3AW’s Neil Mitchell.

“The other one had the whole side of its head ripped off.

“It’s left a big hole in my life.”

Ms Richardson was home at the time of the attack, but didn’t realise what was happening.

“My next door neighbour was out in his garden … he heard this horrible noise and went over into my paddock and he saw a staffy-looking dog with my alpaca’s head in his mouth, and he saw a smaller dog, a companion dog, which was sort of jumping around yapping,” she said.

“When the dogs saw him the smaller one dashed off … and the larger dog actually charged him.

“He came up knocking on my door frantically and brought me down to the paddock where we saw the carnage.”

Ms Richardson said she doesn’t know where the dogs came from, and doesn’t know if their owner knows about the attack.

The larger dog is tan with a white chest and looked to be a staffy, pitbull or similar breed.

The smaller dog is a cream coloured terrier.

Anyone who has seen these dogs, or knows who they belong to, is urged to contact the Mornington Peninsula ranger on 5950 1050.

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