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Pete Ford says Shane Warne’s missing cigarette storyline is ‘very suss’

There’s something ‘very suss’ going on in the jungle.

Shane Warne is a heavy smoker, but has supposedly given up the darts to be on I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here.

Pete Ford told Ross and John that, if true, that would be part of the storyline.

‘I wonder if they’ve got a secret ciggie stash,’ Pete said on Monday.

Pete said having Warne’s 14-year-old daughter doing publicity while he is in the jungle is inappropriate.

‘Inevitably, the subject is going to turn into her dad’s love life.’

Meanwhile, Pete said he felt ‘very sad’ for Jo Beth Taylor, who is also on I’m A Celebrity, having to deal with persistent rumours that she had appeared in a porn film. 

‘She talked about it last night, and the pain and the hurt that it brought to her, pretty much to the point where it forced her out of the TV game,’ Pete said.

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