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Peter Dutton says it’s worth looking at tightening Australia’s immigration test

Immigration Minister Peter Dutton says it’s time to look at revamping Australia’s immigration test.

Mr Dutton said on 3AW Mornings it was a debate ‘worth having’ as the government looks to stop potential terrorists and troublemakers from entering the country.

The senior minister questioned whether the current test, which features a number of sporting and historical questions, was as effective as it could be.

He said questions relating to the criminal, educational and employment histories of would-be citizens was perhaps more relevant.

‘I think we need to look at the way in which we welcome people into our country,’ Mr Dutton explained on 3AW.

‘The vast majority of people that come here do the right thing, abide by our laws and make a great contribution to our country ? that’s been the story of migration for decades.

‘But there’s a minority that are on a pathway to citizenship that we need to have a closer look at, in my judgement.’

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