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Peter Ford blasts Gabi Grecko and Geoffrey Edelsten on 3AW Breakfast

Gabi Grecko and Geoffrey Edelsten have been branded ‘pathetic, sick and disrespectful’ during a fiery blast from entertainment reporter Peter Ford.

Ford hit the pair, in the midst of their latest breakup, with both barrels on 3AW Breakfast.

Edelsten revealed this week the pair were separating and that Grecko’s pregnancy and miscarriage had been ‘fake’ all along.

‘How low can you go?’ Ford said on 3AW.

‘How pathetic do people have to be, that they would do that sort of thing for publicity?

‘How disrespectful to people who have really suffered loss in their life.’

Ford said he was always doubtful about the legitimacy of the pregnancy and that it ‘creeped’ him out.

‘I just think the whole thing has just reached a whole new sick level,’ he said.

‘It’s like a car crash? we should all turn away.

‘Frankly, I am really thrilled she was never pregnant because those two should never be left in charge of a canary, let alone a baby.’

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