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Peter Ford says it’s become a competition between Hollywood stars to talk politics

Do you take notice when celebrities talk politics?

Ashton Kutcher became the latest Hollywood star to use an awards night as a platform for political speech, weighing into Donald Trump’s immigration ban while hosting the Screen Actors Guild Awards night.

Long-time entertainment reporter Peter Ford told Neil Mitchell actor activism had definitely become fashionable.

‘In the past when it happened, it sort of had some form of dramatic impact ? but now when they’re all doing it and want to be seen to want to try and top each other it doesn’t really have an impact,’ Peter Ford said on 3AW.

‘If anything, it becomes a bit of a turn off.

‘These are performers; they’re passionate and have every right to have strong opinions and I don’t begrudge any actor doing that ? if it’s in the right forum.

‘But when you decide to use a platform like an awards show to simply hammer home political messages ? I think it’s an abuse of what they’re there to do.’

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