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Peter Ford: The ‘rather odd’ TV interview with Sarah Hanson-Young’s 11-year-old daughter

An interview on The Project has received widespread online backlash, with Senator Sarah Hanson-Young’s 11-year-old daughter being questioned about her feelings and the impact David Leyonhjelm’s comments have had on her.

Entertainment reporter Peter Ford told Ross and John normally children are off-limits in the media.

“It’s odd seeing an 11-year-old bought into play here, almost like a prop,” he said.

“I must say a remarkable mature 11-year-old but the general rule is kids are off limits, in the media.

“My information is that the producers of the segment were somewhat concerned about having the kid on, but Sarah Hanson-Young was very determined.”

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Pete also said the producers had asked Ms Hanson-Young if she had explained what the term ‘slut-shaming’ meant to her daughter before the interview was recorded, and she had not.

“Rather odd,” he said.

Photo: The Project/Ten