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Peter Greste’s fascinating insights into life as a political prisoner

Famed foreign correspondent Peter Greste has shared his insights into how he survived spending 400 days in an Egyptian prison as a political prisoner.

Greste told Ross and John he was in Egypt for al-Jazeera, in a bureau he didn’t normally work in.

“The gap between what we are accused of doing which was effectively being propagandas for terrorism and what we actually did was so wide I couldn’t really understand what we had done to get us into that situation,” he said.

“That’s when I realised it wasn’t about anything about what we’d one.

“The system is so opaque that we never really know what was driving this.”

Coping with the emptiness of prison life and an uncertain future, Greste says advice from a fellow prisoner gave him hope.

He was in the studio to discuss his new book, The First Casualty – From the front lines of the global war on journalism.

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