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Peter Marshall trying to ‘destroy’ the career of a ‘decent’ politician

Neil Mitchell says Peter Marshall is trying to “destroy” Jane Garrett’s political career.

The 3AW Mornings host has seen a copy of a “savage” letter, sent to all Victorian Labor MPs from the head of the United Firefighters Union.

Mr Marshall has accused Ms Garrett of causing “significant harm” to the Labor government and warned his union’s support for the Premier could be jeopardised if a factional deal – that would see Ms Garrett move to the upper house – goes through.

“Peter Marshall is trying to destroy one of the few decent politicians Labor has – Peter Marshall is trying to destroy Jane Garrett,” Neil Mitchell said.

“Remember, Jane Garrett had the decency to quit cabinet over the thuggery of the firefighters union – she wouldn’t do what the Premier wanted.

“The Premier was trying to do what Peter Marshall wanted, so she stood on principle and she quit.

“Now, Peter Marshall is trying to block her getting a seat in the parliament.”

Neil Mitchell said it was going to be an acid test for Daniel Andrews.

“Does the Premier stand up for decency? Or does he bow to the threats of Peter Marshall?” he said.

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