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Pharmacies failing to stock up on life-saving EpiPens despite plentiful supply

Pharmacists are failing to stock up on life-saving EpiPens, despite a nationwide shortage ending a month ago.

The problem is reported to be particularly severe for EpiPen Jr, which is used for children, with parents forced to go from pharmacy to pharmacy in search of stock.

One-in-10 babies and six to eight per cent of Australian children have a food allergy, and that number is rising.

Chief executive of Allergy and Anaphylaxis Australia, Maria Said, said pharmacists have become complacent due to frequent shortages of the lifesaving devices.

“We’ve had EpiPen shortages, on and off, for years,” she told 3AW’s Ross and John.

“We did have a shortage of EpiPen Jr, and we have had plentiful supply since late January, however the message doesn’t seem to be getting through to our pharmacies.

“There seems to be a disconnect.

“They should be keeping informed of where shortages are.”

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Image: Ana Maria Serrano / Getty Images