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Philip Brady explains what’s next (and shares some fantastic stories!)

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What a journey it’s been for Philip Brady on 3AW (and it’s still far from over!)

The long-time presenter joined Tony Jones on Tuesday morning to explain his decision to step aside from hosting Nightline while still at the top of his game.

Naturally, the conversation went elsewhere and Philip recalled many incredible tales – including why his interview with Bing Crosby was the most disappointing of his career.

He also shared the story about the time he turned down meeting Elvis Presley after a show in Las Vegas in 1975, a move he’d live to regret.

“Red West, who was his bodyguard, came to my table and said Elvis loves Australians and wants to meet you,” Philip explained on 3AW.

“I said ‘sorry, Red, I’ve got tickets to Dean Martin at Caesars Palace and he starts in half an hour’ and I shot through.

“I told him I’d love to meet him next time, but there was never a next time.

“I’m the guy who stood Elvis up.”

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He also revealed the truth about THAT infamous call from Toby from Newport.

“We dumped that call, actually!” Phil said.

“It never went to air.”

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