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PHOTO GALLERY: Dogs celebrating their birthdays

A new study from Charles Sturt University has revealed more than a million Australians sleep with their dog at night.

More than 40 per cent of us celebrate our dog’s birthday, and 30 per cent cook a special birthday meal or buy presents for dogs on their birthdays.

Neil Mitchell asked listeners if they throw birthday parties for their pets, and was inundated by photos of dogs in party hats!

Below: Patricia’s Cocker Spaniel, Molly, celebrates.

Neil’s dogs and their guests enjoy a party.


Joanne’s pups enjoy a party.

Seven-month-old Raven the malamute looks pleased with his party hat.

Shirley’s labradors enjoy a 16th birthday party.

Stuart’s dog Scooter dons a party hat to celebrate his owner’s birthday.

Shane’s dog Blu.

Lisa says her spoilt cavoodles, Earl and Spencer, are the loves of her life!

Robert’s Airedale terrier celebrates.

Russell the staffy celebrates his fifth birthday with an osso bucco cake.

Princess and Bundy ring in the new year

Amanda’s dogs Sybell and Rocket celebrate their first birthday.

Chihuahua’s gather for a party in Melbourne’s west.

Daniel’s pup Max in a party hat.

Bacon, the mascot for Pet Medical Crisis, which helps disadvantaged pet owners who cannot afford surgery for their pets, celebrates her first birthday.