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‘Pissed off’ Berwick retailer says he ‘no choice’ but to open in breach of COVID-19 rules

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The owner of a clothing shop in Berwick opened his store yesterday in breach of COVID-19 restrictions.

Harry Hutchinson spoke to Dee Dee while the police stood by waiting for his details so they could issue him with a $9913 fine.

Mr Hutchinson said he’s “totally frustrated, pissed off and has had enough”.

He says he and he “no choice” but to open.

“If I hadn’t have made this move, I was gone. My business was gone. It was all over,” he said.

“I’ve got six months of stock sitting here that hasn’t been sold.

“I’ve gone out fighting. If this is my last day in business, I’m bloody happy.”

Mr Hutchinson said four shops near his own have already closed permanently due to the effects of lockdown.

“Small businesses should be open,” he said.

“This lockdown is killing them.”

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