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Plans in place to help patients avoid unexpected gap payments

Many insured medical patients have been stung with extra payments.

In some cases, the full fee of a procedure isn’t covered by health insurance or medicare, and the patient is left covering the gap.

So private health insurers are joining forces to help out.

Private Healthcare Australia is behind an online database that will allow patients to shop around before choosing their surgeon.

CEO Rachel David told Tony Jones it is important that patients make informed decisions.

‘We are trying to give consumers information that will enable them, with their GP, to make a decision based on the surgeon’s qualifications and also the price,’ Ms David said.

Ms David said it can pay to look at all your options thoroughly.

‘There’s absolutely no evidence that the size of the gap and the quality of the surgeon go hand in hand,’ Ms David said.

‘There are some brilliant surgeons who charge no gap at all.’

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