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Players don’t ‘need’ second bye

AFL players are ‘quietly filthy’ there aren’t two byes in the season, according to AFLPA board member and Swans defender Ted Richards.

However Leigh Matthews does not believe players need the second break and says there is a distinct difference between ‘wanting’ and ‘needing’ it. 

Physical and mental health are two of the key reasons for the push bye the players.

Gerard Healy revealed a stat which suggests the players do get a mental break throughout the season without needing a second bye.

In 2015, just 74 of the 810 AFL players played every game, in 2014 it was 87 and in 2013 just 76 players played every game.

‘That suggests it would be easier to manage the low number 76 and give them a rotated week off, than have the whole club rest,’ Healy said.

‘Because you’re getting your mental release anyway, albeit you’re injured, but the stress of the game, if it is so arduous comes about from playing, not if you’re training.’

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