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PM: ‘Our migration policies are actually the envy of the world’

In his last appearance on 3AW Mornings for the year, the PM addressed a number of issues, including immigration, the Bennelong by-election and the cost of living for Aussie families in 2018.

Malcolm Turnbull told Neil Mitchell Australia could not afford a Labor victory in the Bennelong by-election tomorrow.

“It certainly brings Bill Shorten one seat closer to being Prime Minister and Australia cannot afford that,” he said.

“It will destroy jobs growth and undermine opportunities for our children and grandchildren.

“That will all be put at risk if Keneally wins in Bennelong tomorrow.”

Neil also questioned the PM on the 27 per cent net increase in overseas migration to Victoria in the past year.

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“We have this level of growth, surely it’s time to debate whether the current levels of immigration are sustainable,” Neil said.

“Our migration policies are actually the envy of the world,” the PM said.

“The refugee stream is about 18,000 a year, we think it’s about right, Labor wants to increase it.”