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‘Aussie success story’: Glue breakthrough to transform surgery

A highly elastic and adhesive surgical glue that quickly seals wounds could transform how surgeries are performed.

The Australian breakthrough, in partnership with Harvard University, is set to end the need for staples or sutures.

Professor Tony Weiss, Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biotechnology at the University of Sydney, told Ross and John the glue could be used on elastic wounds.

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“It’s akin to silicone used on bathroom tiles,” he said.

“It does disappear, and the nice thing is we actually tune the system, so in some cases you want it to disappear fast, so we fine-tune it so it disappears fast.

In other cases we want it to disappear slowly so we fine-tune it to disappear more slowly.

“It’s a nice Aussie success story.”

The university is currently working on attracting funding to take the technology out of the lab and into the clinic