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Australian in Florida hunkering down as Hurricane Irma bears down

An Australian family in the path of Hurricane Irma have told Ross and John of their hunkering down plans.

The Category 5 storm is pummelling towards the mainland, leaving thousands on tenterhooks.

The most powerful hurricane recorded in the Atlantic has caused at least 10 deaths and dozens more injuries, destroying homes and flooding streets as it roared through islands in the northern Caribbean.

Jane Altass in Florida said their bathroom will be their refuge if the worst of the destructive weather hits their home.

What food have they stored away?

“Champagne, beer, wine, ice and some canned food,” she said.

Jane said traffic around her home is “horrendous” as many people flee Florida.

“They are coming through thick and fast now,” she said.

“It took some friends of ours five hours to travel 170 miles.”

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