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CFA to stop installing smoke alarms

Neil Mitchell has revealed an email has been sent out to CFA members ordering them to stop installing smoke alarms immediately.

CFA Acting Operating Officer Dom Tomkins sent an email on Saturday which stated there was to be an “immediate cessation of the installation of smoke alarms”.

It reads:

This is take effect immediately until such time as CFA’s Community Safety, OH&S and Training directorates put in place the necessary guidelines and training to support this activity.

This is important work that we believe all CFA members should be adequately trained and supported to deliver.

Work has already commenced to develop a suitable program. Once complete and agreed, the installation of smoke alarms in peoples’ homes will become an authorised activity.

Neil questioned why something that’s been working well for ten years is being stopped.

“I think it raises issues of community safety particularly for elderly people,” Neil said.

Acting Chief Officer Gary Cook said there was “no specific troubles” with the current process but some elements needed to be reviewed.

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“This is not about the maintenance, this is just about the installation,” he said.

“We just need to make sure that what we’re doing is right.”