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CRIME STATS: The interview that left Neil Mitchell frustrated by spin

Neil Mitchell

Neil Mitchell has implored the police force to “cut through the crap” after a frustrating interview with one of Victoria’s top cops.

New crime stats were released today showing that while crime is up, the trend of growth is down.

Neil Mitchell got deputy commissioner Wendy Steendam on the line to get Victoria Police’s interpretation.

If you want some simple clarity, it’s not the interview for you.

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Later, in response to a frustrated caller, Neil said he was disappointed.

“The deputy commissioner had been briefed on an angle, briefed on spin, and was going to try to sell us that spin,” he said.

“Now, fair enough, that’s part of the story, tell us that part of the story, but let’s be up front about everything else.

“It disappointed me because what you want from a police officer is the straight-up-and-down … not justification.

“That’s where Simon Overland got himself into trouble, with his attempts to justify figures that weren’t as good as some were saying they were.

“We don’t trust politicians, most people don’t trust the media, you don’t trust the church, you would hope the coppers would stand up and be … direct and simple – ‘No spin, no crap, this is what the situation is, this is what we’re trying to do about it’.

“I mean, just cut through the crap and tell it as it is.”

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Neil Mitchell