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Dr Karin Hammarberg talks about fertility and men

New research suggests some men are missing out on having children by waiting for the right timing.

The Monash University Study has found men want a boy or girl of their own just as much as women.

Doctor Karin Hammarberg has told 3AW Breakfast, fertility in men does decline and they should just get on with it.

“If having children is something we want to do, we should get on with it and do it,” Dr Hammarberg said.

She went on to explain that having your child young and “getting it over and done with” is a good plan.

A common misconception is that men’s feritility lasts forever, however according to Dr Hammarberg while that is true, it starts to decline at 45-years-old.

“For older men there is a higher risk of autism.”

“Older fathers could miss out on participating on physical acitivity with their child,” she said.