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Drivers urged to replace potentially faulty airbags

Drivers are being urged to replace potentially faulty airbags or face having their cars deregistered.

The recall of Takata airbags, which have been linked to 18 deaths worldwide, is the biggest recall in automative history.

The faulty airbags throw shrapnel when deployed.

But concerns are growing drivers are ignoring the warnings, and have so far failed to contact a dealership to have them replaced.

The Victorian Automobile Chamber of Commerce (VACC) is urging consumers not to ignore recall notices.

There are reports today drivers could have their cars deregistered if they fail to contact a dealership and have them replaced.

Geoff Gwilym, the executive director of the VACC, told Ross and John it beggars belief why drivers weren’t moving quickly.

“Dealers are working with the national driver information database,” he said.

“Recall notices have been sent out to owners of vehicles that have airbags in them.

“You contact a dealer, they will make arrangements for you to take your vehicle in and get that airbag replaced.

“It has been told to me that some individuals have had over four notices to have their vehicles refitted with airbags and they just won’t take it in.”

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Drivers are urged to visit for the latest up to date information.