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‘Heads must roll’: A call for action over camera ‘cover-up’

Neil Mitchell says “heads must roll” over Victoria’s speed camera virus and subsequent “cover-up”.

And he reckons the business who runs the camera system is a good place to start.

“I think now the operator (Redflex) should be sacked,” Neil Mitchell said today.

“They either deliberately tried to cover this up or they were horribly sloppy.

And we noted Redflex’s Code of Conduct and Ethics: Employees should act in a manner that merits public trust and confidence.

Neil: “Nup. Cover-up and potential deception is what we got.”

“And there are also massive problems in our Justice Department. A bad situation was made much worse,” he continued.

“It is absurd, it is wrong, and heads must role.”

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Neil also had a back to slap.

“To that whistle-blower (who tipped him off about the cameras) a big thank you from me for doing your civic duty,” he said.