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‘I won’t let them win’: Melbourne woman encounters third terror attack

A young Melbourne woman caught in the middle of this morning’s Barcelona attack has told Neil Mitchell it was her third encounter with terrorism in three months of travel.

Julia Monaco was in lockdown in the tube in London during the attack in June and was in Notre Dame days later when another terror attack took place.

And then this morning she had to lay on the floor of a Las Ramblas shop as frantic pedestrians banged on windows and fled for their lives.

“I don’t feel like I want to go home,” she told Neil Mitchell this morning.

“I feel like I want to stay here and not let them – whoever they may be – win.

“I’m going to see what I came here to see.”

Click PLAY above to hear Julia relay the horror incident at Las Ramblas

“At first we thoughts it was a simple car accident, and I think that’s what you hope … but as soon as everyone started running, that’s when I think I realised that we’d been caught up in something much more serious than we first thought.”