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‘It’s sneaky’: Cabbie puts automatic tip on taxi fare

The tipping system in Melbourne taxis has been questioned after 3AW Drive discovered a cabbie automatically adding tips.

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3AW producer Alyssa Allen noticed a tip built into her fare in a trip from Melbourne Airport yesterday.

  • Fare: $56.30
  • Airport fee + tolls: $10
  • Service fee: $3.12
  • GST: $0.32
  • TIP: $2.32 (3.5%)
  • Total: $72.06

When Alyssa questioned the receipt, the taxi driver offered to pay the tip back.

“I don’t mind paying for a tip if he asked, but I thought it’s quite sneaky adding it on and assuming that a customer wants to pay that, especially when the fare’s quite big,” she told Tom Elliott.

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