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Let’s Talk Business – Sunday March 17

What’s in a name?

Quite a lot, it turns out. The name you choose for your business can sometimes make or break the venture. It needs to sound good when said aloud, it shouldn’t be boring, and it can’t already exist!

John and Scott discuss the ins and outs of choosing a snappy name and examine the etymology behind the names of iconic brands.

For lovers of golf, the holy grail is a trip to the US Masters at Augusta Georgia. Steven Ivak is an Australian golf fanatic whose love for attending the Masters led to him founding Elite Sporting Tours.

Can your business idea withstand a pressure test? 60% of all Australian small businesses fail within three years of opening but this could be avoided if your idea is robust enough to weather a rigorous pressure test. OnTheGo founder Mick Spencer has, along with Officeworks, developed a free guide to help you pressure test your idea.

Peter Switzer charts the growth and business success of Australian of the Year Dr Fiona Wood.