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Melbourne Uni lecturer trashes link between feminism and obesity

A Melbourne Uni lecturer has trashed the link between feminism and obesity.

London Mayor’s food policy adviser Rosie Boycott made the claim that feminism has contributed to us being overweight over the weekend.

Ms Boycott claimed women’s move from the household to the workforce has led to a decline in the quality of food being cooked and a rise in consumption of take-away food.

But Dr Lauren Rosewarne called the link “brilliant madness”.

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“Since the 1980s there’s been a backlash against feminism in terms of blaming them for everything under the sun,” Dr Rosewarne said.

“Why not add the obesity epidemic to it?”

Dr Rosewarne said factors like the prevalence of processed food and the boom in delivery services like Uber Eats and Foodora are bigger factors in obesity.