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Neil Mitchell: We need to talk about immigration

Australia: We need to talk about immigration.

That’s Neil Mitchell’s view after yesterday’s Census figures signalled a significant cultural shift.

“We are no longer a population with a European base,” he told.

“For the first time since the First Fleet arrived, Australians born in Asia outnumber those born in Europe.

“Perhaps it’s good, but it’s something that’s happened and we didn’t vote on it.

“It’s happening now; so knowing that, how do we make Australia hum?”

William Bourke, President of Sustainable Australia, told Neil Mitchell “this onslaught of rapid population growth” driven by Chinese and Indian immigrants had big impacts on job security and housing affordability.

“It’s changing Australia in every possible way, Neil,” he said.

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“It’s hitting us in the face when we drive out of our driveway in the morning when we try to get to work.

“Or when we try to look up a job for our next opportunity.

“Or when we look at our green space in our suburb that’s disappearing.

“Or looking at our urban heritage, our beautiful architecture in places like Armidale or Malvern, it’s just being bulldozed for this high-rise development.”

Bourke supports putting the brakes on immigration but “absolutely not” based on race.

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