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New Melbourne ferry service close to reality


A ferry between the Docklands and the Church Street Bridge is a step closer to reality.

Businessman Paul Little is hoping to the run the service to cater for Chapel Street locals and shoppers.

Mr Little told Ross and John trials have already proved popular.

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“I think in the morning you’ll get commuters want to overcome the traffic congestion and the cost of having to park their car in the city.

“During the day, however, we think we’ll get the reverse; we think we’ll get people want to travel up to Chapel Street to enjoy the shops there.

The Yarra river’s low bridges mean a multi-million dollar boat will be required.

“The tidal nature of the river and low bridges mean we do have to build a purpose-built vessel.

“We’ve got people drawing up plans for us at the moment.”

The ferry will cater for 150 people.

Mr Little’s business also runs the Portarlington ferry service.