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No campaign will accept SSM result


The same-sex marriage survey has now closed, with more than 12.6 million Australians casting their vote. So, what happens now?

The Australian Bureau of Statistics will announce the result at 10am AEDT on Wednesday, November 15.

Polling suggests the ‘Yes’ vote will prevail but many are sceptical.

Head of the ‘No’ campaign Lyle Shelton has told 3AW’s Steve Price and Andrew Bolt there is precedent for pollsters getting it wrong.

“We saw a lot of people silent about their voting intentions in the US Presidential election and in Brexit so we’re praying for a good result.”

While he’s not confident, Mr Shelton says they’re certainly not giving up.

“I’m no under illusions that it’s a monumental task and if we get over the line it will be a miracle, but I do think it is possible and we’re not conceding yet.”

As the results are announced next week, the question remains whether each side will accept the non-compulsory and non-binding ballot.

Mr Shelton admits they don’t have a choice, “If we lose, yes we’ll accept the result, we have to, but we will continue to campaign for the truth about marriage… it could take decades to win it back but we’ll continue to be advocates”.

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