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‘Please come back!’: Salvos plea as online buy, swap, selling hits hard

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The Salvation Army has urged people to return to their stores, with donations plummeting while Victorians try to make an extra dollar for their unwanted items online.

Many not-for-profit second-hand stores are taking a hit amid the surging popularity of online trading websites like Gumtree and eBay, as well community Facebook pages.

The Herald Sun today reports Australia’s “second-hand economy” is valued at over $40 billion, and research by Gumtree estimates the average household is sitting on about $5400 worth of unwanted items.

Salvos CEO Matt Davis told 3AW Breakfast’s Justin and Kate that there was a bad shortage of furniture.

“It has been an unintended consequence of the second-hand economy,” he said.

“We’re really noticing it in country towns of Victoria where there’s nearly no furniture donations.

“Before they bring it down to the op shop, they’re having a crack online.”

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