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Rare interview: Inflation nightclub owner Martha Tsamis speaks out

The owner of Inflation nightclub says she and staff are still traumatised after this month’s police shooting at the venue’s swingers party.

In a rare broadcast interview, Martha Tsamis confirmed to Neil Mitchell she intends to take civil action against police for the shooting, in which customer Dale Ewins was shot despite only possessing a toy gun.

Ms Tsamis told 3AW her security staff knew Mr Ewins was armed with a toy gun but police ignored their claims that he was not posing a threat to anyone.

She also cast doubt over the source of the mysterious 000 call that prompted the police action.

Ms Tsamis told Neil Mitchell the legal action would

“The welfare of my staff is a priority. Some people are a bit of a mess.

“Lawyers can look after the legal stuff.”