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Ross and John discover a new flu while learning about bird poo disease

A rare disease contracted by inhaling bird poo has been contracted in a Victoria.

The Herald Sun reports a Benalla man has contracted parrot fever, more formally known as Psittacosis.

This raised many questions for Ross and John, which they directed to Dr Allen Cheng from the Infectious Diseases at Monash University.

And a follow-up question – “What else is keeping you busy?” – produced an interesting response.

Turns out our disease experts are tracking the spread of a new strain of the Influenza – H5N9 – which has popped up in China.

“We haven’t had it in Australia yet (but) any new type flu we worry a little bit about that it might spread among humans

“There’s no sign that it’s a major problem at the moment, but it’s something that were keeping an eye on.”

Ross: Will it kill us?

Dr Cheng: Oh… I hope not.


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