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Ross and John set out to find the BEST takeaway food

Inmates at the Parkville Youth Centre are “out of their minds” for ordering pizza, says Ross Stevenson.

This follows reports the takeaway bill for Victoria’s youth justice ‘clients’ topped over $15000.

So, what is the NUMBER ONE takeaway food option? What should the inmates be ordering?

Burnso says Indian is best – BUT slams Chinese takeaway, “Chinese takeaway should be cooked and eaten immediately!”

“We do REALLY bad Indian food in this country,” said Scorcher.

And Ross says, “Melbourne is going to be completely overrun with craft beer and burgers.”

Also on the list:

  • McDonalds
  • Fish and Chips
  • Thai Food
  • Souvlakis

Vince says KFC is best – “I t doesn’t matter how old it is, in fact, cold is better!”

“Pizza is often better cold than it is hot,” said Ross.

This raised the question… What’s a cold dim-sim like?

Scorcher has been set with the task of eating a cold dimmy and reporting back to the boys, stay tuned…

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