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Sly: The Wikileaks documents that show Brighton gunman was considered a ‘weakling’

The Brighton gunman was considered a weakling and potential police informant, according to a Wikileaks documents detailed by Sly of the Underworld on 3AW Breakfast.

Sly also revealed Yacqub Khayre, who took a woman hostage, killed an innocent man and shot at police, was shot 37 times by police at the conclusion of the the siege.

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The Wikileaks document was a memorandum from senior Australian diplomat to the CIA.

“Khayre has travelled to Somalia and served as a group’s liason with al-Shabaab,” Ross read from the document.

“Police characterised Khayre as a weakling who struggled with the harsh day-to-day life in Somalia and was not fully trusted by the other four men.

“The AFP believe Khayre may be turned while in prison to serve as an informant in further cases.”

Sly: “So he clearly wasn’t a high-profile terror suspect.”

While he was at it, Sly also took aim at the Federal Government, especially Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, for shifting blame at the feet of the parole board.

“They’re wrong in fact, they’re wrong in spirit,” he said.

“Perhaps the Prime Minister would be better off showing some leadership with the Federal Police.

“Perhaps if the Federal Police were properly resourced we could’ve dealt with the matter instead of having to call in the Victoria Police.

“Perhaps they could show a bit of leadership there.

“Perhaps we could do a little bit more to get this wave of firearms off the streets.”

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