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Taxi blockade warning as Uber arrives at Melbourne Airport

Taxi drivers furious at the arrival of Uber at Melbourne Airport are threatening to cause peak-hour chaos.

Signs have been installed outside the airport to mark mark new UberX pick-up zones outside T2 and T3 today.

Cab drivers aren’t happy, saying it undermines their business, and 3AW has been told drivers will protest with a blockade later this morning.

Rumour File contributor Taxi insider: There will be a huge protest.

Ross Stevenson: And a blockade?

Taxi insider: Oh yes. We’re just absolutely… We’ve had it.

Ross: I’m not surprised. What has Uber done to deserve it? Nothing.

A similar protest last night left many passengers stranded at their airport.

Taxi drivers were issued penalty notices and at least two cabs were towed.

The protest doesn’t appear a good PR strategy, with many Melburnians taking to social media to vent their spleen (see below).

Melbourne airport is urging people to allow extra travel time.