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The new rules about how to cough and sneeze

Everything we thought we knew about coughing and sneezing has changed.

Apparently covering our mouths is not polite at all – in fact, it’s spreading disease.

The new rule out today: cough and sneeze into your elbow.

That’s ridiculous, of course, unless your’re a gymnast, so Ross and John discovered what the proper term is for the crook of your elbow: The antecubital fossa.

But Professor Lindsay Grayson, Director of Infectious Diseases at Austin Health, didn’t exactly sell it to us.

“Frankly I think having a heap of snot in your elbow is a bit gross, don’t you?”

“A tissue is best (for sneezing).

“But coughing, yes, you should cough into your elbow, that’s the new thing to do.”

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