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The Victorian man peddling around earthquake-hit Mexico City to help

As the clean-up and rescue efforts continue following a devastating 7.1 magnitude earthquake in Mexico that killed more than 200 people, a Victorian man living there is doing his bit to help those affected by the tragedy.

Ben Reid has spent days riding around Mexico City handing out sanitation gear and toys to children.

Photo: Some of the gear Ben is peddling around Mexico City

“I ride around for about three hours a day,” he told Ross and John this morning.

“People are so happy especially when they hear I’m from Australia.”

A school teacher, he told Ross and John of the terrifying moment the the earthquake hit.

“I thought I hadn’t drunk enough water and started to sway.

“Within about 10 seconds the ground was rippling like on a beach and all the buildings were like rubber — they were just moving around everywhere.

“We got the kids onto the basketball courts and just rode it out.”