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Tom discovers the secrets to Australia’s best workplace

Image: Tom, pictured on a treadmill at the Alfred hospital in 2015, could do his whole show on a treadmill if 3AW adopted the PcW practices.

Flexi-public holidays. Treadmills for phone meetings. No dress code. Ping pong tables.

These are just some of the perks that helped PricewaterhouseCoopers earn LinkedIn’s nod as Australia’s best employer this week.

“They’re all small symbols to tell our people we want them to work when they want, where they want, wearing whatever they want because we care about the outputs they deliver for our clients,” PcW’s Sue Horlin told Tom Elliott.

Tom: “I did a lot accounting and decided I didn’t want to be an accountant – maybe I was too hasty.

“Here at 3AW we have instant coffee and stale T-bags.”

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