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UK style expert ‘aghast’ at VRC’s new fashion guideline

Here’s a sentence you won’t read often: A style expert has taken Ross and John’s side in a new fashion debate.

The boys were shocked to read that the Victorian Racing Club has changed its dress code guidelines to allow the popular mens fashion trend of wearing shoes without socks.

And they received powerful support.

“I’m aghast,” UK style guru William Hanson told Ross and John of the trend.

“It’s not common-place here, thank heavens. No one of quality stock will be doing it, I assure you.

“If you are wearing a nice pair of loafers you usually don’t wear socks, but with a suit that you wear to the races, absolutely not.

“You need to wear a sock that matches the trouser or shoe — ideally the trouser.”

He also called for 3AW Producer Mark Davidson to be sacked for fashion offences – click PLAY at the top of the page to hear the full, fun chat