Vicky The Truck: Do we really need this?

The state government has launched a new roadshow promoting Victorian values.

The interactive vehicle – called Vicky the Truck – will “tour the state welcoming visitors and promoting our shared values and what it means to be Victorian”.

“Her aim is to bring to life the values from the ‘Victorian. And proud of it.’ campaign the Andrews Labor Government launched this year,” a press release said.

“These are non-negotiable values every Victorian should live by – one law for all, freedom to be yourself, discrimination is never acceptable, a fair go for all and that it is up to all of us to contribute.\

“Vicky the Truck will act as a mobile learning hub, giant billboard and information station, appealing to both kids and adults.”

Quite honestly, I find myself laughing at this sort of thing.
Do we really need a state government-sponsored truck driving around, telling us how to think about things?

Below: inside the truck