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Point Cook principal hits back at school ‘fruit ban’ suggestions on 3AW Drive

The principal of a school which has been called into question over a ‘fruit ban’ has hit back.

He says there’s no ban at all.

Point Cook P-9 College has urged parents to avoid sending bananas, watermelon and other foods to school due to student allergies.

It drew criticism on Thursday, with suggestions from some specialists it was over the top.

But Principal Frank Vetere said critics needed some perspective.

‘Firstly, I’d prefer to be speaking to you about this and not about a child that’s died at our school because we didn’t act,’ Mr Vetere said on 3AW Drive.

‘And number two, we did not ban any food product whatsoever.’

He said the school was simply making parents aware of a serious issue.

‘We have some students at our school who have a 30 second time period between having a reaction to having an EpiPen before they can die,’ Mr Vetere explained.

‘We need to take it seriously.’

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