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Victoria Police recruits say academy food is hard to swallow

A food fight has broken out at the Victoria Police Academy, with recruits complaining about the quality, quantity and variety of meals served up.

Secretary of the Victoria Police Association Wayne “Gatteau” Gatt, spoke with Ross and John this morning about questions recruits raised over the cuisine on offer, during a recent survey.

“Look, they haven’t got a Michelin star, but the feedback was pretty, pretty reasonable” Mr Gatt said.

The feedback was part of a broader survey to help to improve the amenity of the academy overall,  with a focus on meeting a variety of dietary needs.

Mr Gatt explained that recruits dietary options are limited as “it’s pretty hard to get Uber Eats into the security of the academy”.

Police recruits who spend over half a year at the Glen Waverley academy during training are not fed on the Victorian taxpayers dime.

Mr Gatt clarified by advising “recruits actually pay a significant amount for food and amenity at the training academy when they’re out there”.

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Image:  Quinn Rooney / Staff