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Police accused of laughing at family’s plunge down Black Spur

A man who helped rescue a family that had crashed down an embankment on the Black Spur says police laughed at them when they called for help.

Justin Conway told Neil Mitchell he and his partner were driving through the wet Yarra Valley (a section of the Black Spur pictured above) at the weekend when they found an eight-year-old boy wandering on the side of the road.

They pulled up and the boy, who was “dazed and confused”, directed Mr Conway to the cliff’s edge to point out the rest of his family clambering up from their crashed car.

Mr Conway and another couple called police in Lilydale and Healesville to tell them they were bringing the family in.

But they were essentially told not to bother.

“(They) literally laughed at the story as it was retold and said ‘What do you want us to do with that? It’s not our job, we’re not babysitters’,” Mr Conway said.

“Both my partner and the wife in the other car were absolutely horrified.”

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