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Police admit they are stretched thin as figures show an alarming rise in crime

Plans are in place to deal with Victoria’s worst youth offenders.

The latest crime stats, released on Thursday, show some alarming trends, including double-digit increases in most offences, including aggravated burglary. 

The overall crime rate is up 9.4%.

Alarmingly, the worst 200 youth offenders committed a staggering 9,400 crimes between them. 

Police Minister Lisa Neville told Nick McCallum recent changes to the bail system will address this.

Ms Neville said bailed offenders will be put in education or training programs.

‘If a young person if on bail, they will be intensively supervised so they can’t reoffend,’ she said.

‘That is something the police were vocal in their support of.’

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Earlier, Tony Jones said the figures are ‘unacceptable.’

‘It’s embarrassing to live here at the moment. Embarrassing, and damn frightening,’ he said.

Deputy Commissioner for Regional Operations Andrew Crisp conceded that resources are stretched in the police force.

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