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Police breakthrough in search for person dropping tacks on Kew bike paths


There’s been a development in the search for the mysterious offender who has been throwing tacks on Kew bike paths.

Hundreds of riders have fallen victim to the tacks on Yarra Boulevard, with several cyclists seriously injured over the past two years.

A man in his 80s suffered a brain haemorrhage and broken ribs after falling from his bike.

It’s left a clean-up bill of more than $100,000, with VicRoads trialling a six-day-a-week sweeping regime.

But police hope fresh CCTV images may be the breakthough they’ve been waiting for.

Senior Sergeant Mark Standish told Neil Mitchell police had a ‘whole heap of evidence ready to go’ to prosecute the alleged offender.

He said it still happened as frequently as twice a month, but riders weren’t deterred.

Police have released pictures of a man and a 2015 Volkswagen Polo.

They’ve been told the car was driven up and down the boulevard several times on December 1 last year, with the driver getting out at a puncture repair station and tearing fencing and removing the bike pump and plastic boxes.

Click play to listen to Senior Sergeant Mark Standish explain more: