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Police chief calls for Twitter action on tweeting killer Minogue

Victoria’s police chief has called on Twitter to ban convicted killer Craig Minogue from publishing online rants from prison.

The Russell Street bomber has tweeted 10 times in the past week alone, including a link to an audio tirade recorded from a phone conversation.

3AW has chosen not to link to the account.

Neil Mitchell first alerted authorities to the Twitter account in May, but they are yet to act beyond making clear Minogue does not have access to Twitter from him prison himself.

Today police chief Graham Ashton said he wants the account gone, but couldn’t commit to taking any action himself.

“(Minogue) shouldn’t be doing it,” Mr Ashton said.

“Twitter should be cutting him off.”

Neil Mitchell suggested Minogue ought to have his phone calls stopped.

“Geez, that’s technically hard to do,” Mr AShton said.

“He’s entitled to phone calls.

“I’m not happy about it.”

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