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Police chief pushes for move-on laws to act on Flinders Street homeless camp


Victoria’s police chief has labelled the situation outside Flinders Street Station ‘disgusting’ confirming he is pushing for the Melbourne City Council to introduce a by-law to allow them to move the group on.

Graham Ashton said the 19 people sleeping outside Flinders Street Station aren’t homeless, they are beggars taking advantage of the tourists flooding the city for the Australian Open.

Undercover operations are underway to crack down on begging.

Police are monitoring the camp for alleged drug use but they are powerless to move people on.

Mr Ashton wants the council to introduce a new by-law.

‘I think it looks disgusting obviously in the city,’ he said.

Police Minister Lisa Neville has ruled out reintroducing move-on laws at a state level.

She said the real solution to the problem is addressing the underlying drug issues and mental health problems.