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Police ‘concerned’ by group of men patrolling Caroline Springs

Police are opposed to a group of men patrolling the streets of Caroline Springs at night.

Up to 50 people are sweeping across the suburb in their cars after a series of aggravated burglaries in the area.

The group is believed to have helped police identify six people who’ve been arrested over the weekend.

But Deputy Commissioner of Regional Operations Andrew Crisp told Neil Mitchell groups like this are ‘concerning’.

‘I understand the intent around doing this, however, we have a very good police force and I do see the potential for significant challenges if we continue down this path,’ Mr Crisp said.

‘I would rather not see these people actively patrolling on our streets.’

He said concerned citizens should speak to police before confronting people.

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Earlier, Lee (not her real name) told Neil her husband is involved.

She said the patrolling locals also pull people over.

‘As far as I’m aware they’re not armed. They’re law-abiding citizens,’ Lee said.

‘If anything looks dodgy, they call it straight in to the police.’

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