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Police confident coronavirus-driven changes to bail won’t put community at risk

Victoria Police says the community should not be alarmed by news those on bail will no longer have to report to police stations during the pandemic.

It’s being done to limit “non-essential” travel and protect officers working at stations.

Deputy Commissioner Shane Patton told Neil Mitchell it would stop about 40,000 trips a month.

More than 3000 people are currently on bail in Victoria.

Deputy Commissioner Patton pointed out that those who were on bail had already been deemed by a court to be safe enough to remain in the community.

“We think we’ve got in place the processes required,” he said.

“As you’d appreciate, the primary reason for people being on bail is to stop them doing a runner, leaving the jurisdiction.”

Deputy Commissioner Patton said those who police were most concerned about would be monitored in other ways.

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