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Police ’embarrassed’ after woman is left to fend for herself during home invasion

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Police say they’re “embarrassed and disappointed” after a woman was left to fend for herself after ringing to report a home invasion in the middle of the night.

3AW Mornings went looking for answers after Kyle spoke to the program about his wife’s terrifying incident.

His wife, Dana, noticed the intruder in the doggy door of their Apollo Bay home.

She grabbed his legs, but the man screamed “let go” and he got away.

Dana rang police, who told her they’d get back to her.

They did, some minutes later, but no officers ever arrived.

“I would have thought an aggravated burglary was pretty serious,” Kyle told 3AW.

“I know quite a few police from around Apollo Bay – they do a fantastic job – but apparently they haven’t even received a call.”

Superintendent Craig Gillard, who takes care of the Geelong Surf Coast and Colac-Otway area, said it wasn’t good enough.

“It’s embarrassing for me and incredibly disappointing,” he said.

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